The Rediscovery of Diary-Keeping



Today I was so relieved to get a migraine. For the past thirty-plus years I’ve gotten migraines regularly; they were part of the whether that happened within and without. I would get a migraine after a manic jag. I would get a migraine before a blizzard. Now I rarely get them. I don’t want to say that I miss being in pain, but I do miss the excuse to not give a shit about all the big and small things I often care too much about and that a migraine eradicates. When I have a migraine I do not grieve the shirt that was put in the dryer by accident and its texture forever ruined; I do not feel undermined by the passive-aggressive person at my workplace; I do not blame myself for failing to be in better touch with my grandmother. My body used to have the good sense…

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Privacy vs. Equality in the Supreme Court


There is a lesson in the past fifty years of litigation. When the fight for equal rights for women narrowed to a fight for reproductive rights, defended on the ground of privacy, it weakened. But when the fight for gay rights became a fight for same-sex marriage, asserted on the ground of equality, it got stronger and stronger.

Jill Lepore, in The New Yorker, on the privacy arguments that defined reproductive rights battles in the Supreme Court, versus the equality fight for gay marriage.

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Be Merry with This Year’s Holiday Theme and Wallpapers

celebrate this season

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It’s hard to believe the year is already coming to a close. As 2014 ends, it’s time to celebrate the holiday season with our tradition of teaming up with talented artists to create a cheerful WordPress illustration. This year, Mads Berg has dreamed up a scene of togetherness to capture the spirit of the season.

Holiday theme

As in previous years, we’ve created a new seasonal theme for you based on the beautiful artwork. Automattic’s David Kennedy has adapted Mads’ illustration into a theme called Together. It is now available on, and will continue to be available even after the holidays.


The theme showcases the beautiful illustration in the header. Elements from the artwork are pulled in throughout the theme, like the sparkles glittering on sticky posts.

Together is the perfect theme if you want to spread a little holiday cheer. Gather with your friends and family this season, and share the moments on…

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